1. Laundry.
    I love doing laundry. It's the folding and putting away part I wish I could hire someone to do.
  2. Reading.
    For my entire life, I've only been able to read one book at a time. Over the holidays, I tried to mix it up and start a few different kids of books and yeah. It's not working out so well. So, I'll spend my Saturday morning finishing one of them, and will repeat as necessary throughout the weekend and next week to finish the rest so I can start a new book, fresh and clean, with no other literary distractions staring at me from the coffee table.
  3. Kitchen and dining room cabinet purge.
    Gifts I have never used, hand-me-down serving pieces I don't like, small appliances I just don't need or want, table linens I bought and used once. Yeah, it's all going. Even though it's not clutter and all these things are hidden out of sight, they still need to go. Boxing it all up for the charity shop.
  4. Book purge.
    A few times a year, I go through all my bookshelves and fill a few boxes of books to give away. Sometimes, I leave the boxes on the front porch and email the neighborhood listserv to help themselves. Other times, I drive around town and put a bunch in all the Little Free Library boxes I happen upon.
  5. Feedly amnesty.
    I haven't gone through my Feedly reader folders in 4-5 days. I don't have time to catch up. Select all, delete. Aaaahhhhhh.....
  6. Podcast amnesty.
    I subscribe to way too many podcasts, but I like it that way because it allows for different topics and podcast lengths to meet my many needs and moods. However, there are too many unlistened-to podcast episodes on my phone right now (562, to be exact). Will do a quick scan to save 3 or 4 I know I really want to hear but the rest are going bye-bye.
  7. Financial planning and tax prep.
    I set my financial goals last year as part of a two-year plan. Some things got done way ahead of schedule, while others I haven't even focused on. Need to look at my goals and accounts and projected income and make a more direct and focused plan for 2016. And, I need to get all my tax stuff ready for my accountant so I can send it all off when all my client tax forms arrive. I want it all done and off my desk by February 1.
  8. Zero out work to-do list.
    I am so behind on my work because I was sick last week and had a root canal this week and waaahhhh pity party. Gonna hunker down and Pomodoro my ass off to start next week's workweek with a totally clean slate.
  9. Farmers' market, massage, breakfast.
    Every third week, I schedule a massage at a spa in downtown DC. It's a few blocks from the farmers market, so after the rubdown is done, I'll take a long, hot spa shower, buy my meat and veg for the week, and then stop somewhere in the way home for breakfast. I'm not a brunch scene person; I prefer diners and other places off the beaten path. Maybe some grits and greens at Florida Avenue Grill. Maybe a gluten-free pastry (damn celiac) and a latte at Rise Bakery.
  10. Service project.
    Every year, I buy 50 sets of fleece gloves, hats, and scarves in all sizes and colors and keep them in the trunk of my car. This weekend, I'll add a few cases of bottled water, and I'll go to some of the spots in DC where there are large concentrations of homeless men, women, and children. I'll make sure they get hydrated and get something warm for their hands, necks, and heads. I know it's not much, but it's something I've done every year on MLK weekend for many, many years.
  11. New business venture planning.
    I am taking a huge leap of faith and craziness and starting a new company this year. Every natural-born talent and every learned skill fits perfectly with this endeavor, and yet, I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm trust in my instincts and just jumping in and doing it with very little planning because that's how I've always been and it's never done me wrong. Monday is all about planning the basics and just doing it. Eeeeeekkk!!! And away we go!
  12. Movie.
    To treat myself for a job well done, I will take myself out to the movies Monday night. One of those theatres with reserved seats and recliners. #bliss