1. Morning stretch and snuggles with a sweet little brown dachshund before our morning walk in the woods.
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  2. Coffee in my quiet living room. No TV, no music, no Internet. Just peace and silence.
  3. Massage with my favorite massage guy at a spa downtown (so quiet on a Sunday morning).
  4. Stroll through the farmers market for fresh-baked olive bread, cheeses, vegetables, meat, and eggs. Overbuy, always.
  5. Eat a ginger-chocolate scone with a coconut milk latte.
  6. Loll about the bookstore picking something new for me to read, and one book to give to a friend or client.
  7. Slow drive home, thinking about what to cook for a late afternoon Sunday dinner.
  8. Read newspapers in quiet house, and do the NYT crossword.
  9. Early dinner (usually vegetarian), glass of wine, long shower, early to bed.
  10. Amen.