And by obsessed I mean things I hoard for fear of running out. Because I'd hate to have to get in my car and drive 3 minutes to get more.😁
  1. Half and Half. (At the very least there are six containers in my refrigerator at any given time.)
  2. Weight Watchers String Cheese. (Six packages of these always in the fridge too. Seeing a pattern already.)
  3. Cucumbers. (Typically six to eight of these in my decades old Tupperware vegetables-stay-fresher longer thingy.)
  4. Wild Garden Hummus Dip. (Traditional style - for dipping #3 into. At least three of these in the pantry.)
  5. Dark Chocolate Hershey Kisses. (Two to three bags with one opened and emptied into a large Winnie-the-Pooh teacup for easy access.)
  6. Bottled water. (Two cases in the kitchen closet - one and a half in the plastic they came in on the floor and half on the shelf for easy access - and one case in the computer/ treadmill room.)
  7. Red wine. (Oh gosh - I'm kind of embarrassed to admit the total number of bottles - and a box - of this under the bar. And why there are a variety of different types and brands. Because trust me there's a well thought out plan behind it. So I'll end here.)