My Emoji Wish-List

Emojis I've searched for and couldn't find on my standard emoji keyboard resulted in a missing emoji list in my "notes" - so when I finally create "CarolEmoji's" I will remember to include them. Here's the list to date...and why I was searching for them. Please add yours!
  1. Scarf
    As in "fashion scarf" which I was describing as part of the outfit I was wearing out one fall evening.
  2. Turtlenecks
    What I was packing for a winter week at the beach.
  3. Mittens
    Was asking if I should bring cold weather gear to our annual St. Patrick's Day in NYC.
  4. Uggs
    Telling someone it's finally warm enough that I can pack them away till fall.
  5. String Cheese
    Sharing my food contribution to an upcoming girls trip.
  6. Bat (Thee animal - not sports equipment.)
    Telling my BFF that her and my husband are like them because they hate too much light in a room.
  7. Kayak
    Suggesting to a friend what we need to use in the bay at their beach house this summer.
  8. Piano
    Needed this when I was seeing my first Billy Joel concert.
  9. Bacon
    Letting the husband know what I was cooking for dinner.
  10. White Wine
    Back when I only drank white the red wine emoji just wasn't cutting it. It's all good now.
  11. A Baby Girl
    For my niece...aka my Baby Girl. The only baby emoji is a boy.