Today's Top 10 list is courtesy of being a little over two weeks into a new decade in life...and a half century on earth.
  1. Before June 30th, 2016 a hangover lasted until around 12noon. After that date - it lasts until about 12am - yes - roughly 24 hours.
  2. I like hot dogs. I was always the hamburger person at the cook out. This summer I realized I like hot dogs better. Go figure
  3. I'm slowly becoming my mom. It started lining up my vitamins then progressed to "prepping" things I use in the morning the night pods, Splenda packets, cinnamon for my get the idea.
  4. I prefer standing up while working. Now that I work from home my "desk" is the bar in my sunroom and I stand behind it for 3/4 of the day instead of sitting.
  5. Most nights I'd rather be alone. In my sunroom. With my gossip magazines, my iPad and a glass of wine. Far cry from the girl 25 years ago who was all alone in her apartment wishing for companionship.
  6. Everyone always told me that the older you get the more you don't care what people think about you. I couldn't wait for that feeling. And I'm pretty disappointed that it hasn't rung true for me yet. In fact, I think I care more now than I ever did.
  7. I'm not 2 years and one month pregnant. I'm officially in menopause. Guess I can get rid of my copy of "What To Expect When You're Expecting" now.
  8. I am much more tolerant of the different personalities that surround me. That being said...I'm much more aware of the glaring differences in the personalities I encounter on any given day.
  9. I'm a procrastinator. For the first time in my life. Seriously. I was always the one who arrived 15 minutes early. Sent in bill payments the day I received them. Now...I was (gasp) five days late renewing my drivers license, missed my car inspection by 3 months and pick up the birthday card on the way to the party.
  10. I made it. I actually made it to a half a century. I always thought I'd die young...morbid as that sounds. But then again I never thought I was the marrying type and here I am with the same gold band on my finger just shy of 22 years later. Go figure.