What I Learned From Not Having A Refrigerator This Past Week

So last Friday I opened up my freezer to get some hot dogs out to defrost for a cookout we were having that evening. And...to my dismay...a wall of water greeted me. Since then we've been awaiting a new part for our 16 year old friend. And tonight I realized some things I discovered without the "luxury" of this major appliance.
  1. Pretty much all of the foods I need to survive fit nicely in a standard size cooler.
  2. And if they don't need to be "cooled" they can "chill" out on the counter with the microwave and bananas and fit right in. (See what I did there?😉)
  3. My refrigerator has never been cleaner. Not even when it got delivered here 16 years ago while we were in the process of building the house.
  4. Should the new part the refrigerator repairman promised us to make it cold again never get delivered...I'm ok with my "new" fridge. It even matches the blue color scheme I've got going on in the kitchen.