5 Photos On My Phone, Chosen At Random

So for this I'm going to close my eyes and scroll through my photos. Hopefully I don't get five photos of my cats. I have A LOT of photos of my cats. Here are the results:
  1. This is Garrett from the band The Maine. My friend actually sent this to me from a show of theirs that I couldn't attend. I assume this is his reaction when he found out I wasn't there.
  2. I took this when Robert Rodríguez gave a lecture at my sister's university. I had to zoom in some because we were sitting so far away.
  3. This is Sarah Graley's book. It's called Our Super Adventure and it's full of her amazing comics! Look her up!
  4. This is my kitty, Gale! He'll be six this March.
  5. This was taken in my hometown. South Texas (when it's not 100+ degrees) can be pretty nice.