Happiness. I think defining that word is so cool because it doesn't just have one definition. It means something totally different to every single person. These are the things that put a smile on my face and make my soul feel refreshed. Enjoy.
  1. Laying in a hammock.
    Especially when there is a nice cool breeze.
  2. Sitting by a fire with good friends.
  3. Laughing until your stomach hurts.
    Laughter is also good for cardiovascular health.
  4. Climbing into bed with clean sheets.
  5. Being on the lake or at the campground.
    These are my two favorite places in the world.
  6. Being at peace with where you are.
  7. A slice of lemon pie.
  8. God.
  9. Seeing a friend you haven't seen in forever.
  10. Listening to your favorite song in the car with the windows down.
  11. The smell/sound of the ocean.
  12. Family.
  13. Loving who you are.
  14. Summertime.