1. Art and architecture nerd
  2. Baltimore based, Bay Bridge tattoo🌉
  3. Candyyyyy
  4. Doodler
  5. Eyes changed color! Used to be blue, now they're green 👀
  6. Flexible, emotionally and physically
  7. George Washington University wooo
  8. Half marathons, I've run 4!
  9. Ice creme is a weakness, until college I wasn't big on Ben and Jerry's but now I'm hooked (have you tried the chocolate cookie core???)
  10. Jumping on trampolines is always a blast! I wish I had one! A good workout too!
  11. Klondike Bars are probably good but I've never had one
  12. Lemonade🍋
  13. Maryland, my Maryland🦀
  14. Nicknames? Carol, Care, Carrie, Dolly Lingo
  15. Oreo is my puppy (his nickname is Beasley)
  16. Painting is fun!
  17. Queenstown, MD, my favorite place💕
  18. Running the Baltimore Half Marathon is one of the highlights of my year
  19. Shopping is my weakness, seriously I think I have a problem
  20. Travel✈️
  21. U must be bored with this list by now... I am bored with this list by now (thank you for reading this far)
  22. Vegetarian🌿🍇🌽🌶
  23. What should I do on my next day off? I don't know... Accepting suggestions
  24. Xceptional cookie baker... If I do say so for myself
  25. Yo
  26. AND
  27. Zumba is a fun workout! (Also a valid excuse to shake your butt! I'm a fan!)