GIFs That Accurately Describe My Freshman Year

  1. First week at school
    Free at last, free at last
  2. First weekend
    ... Every weekend ...
  3. Walking down the street as your campus crush passes
    Or just walking down the street in general
  4. Awkward in-passing greetings
    to people you met once at a party, have sat behind in class every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for many weeks yet still don't know their name, or have a zillion mutual friends with but have only talked to twice.
  5. Lectures
  6. Winter break
  7. Getting out of bed everyday
    Regardless of the time
  8. Going to bed every night
    Or naps
  9. Because it's way better and probably healthier than dining hall food
  10. Saturday
    Because you know you'll be up until 2 am on Sunday finishing a paper you should have started three weeks ago
  11. Losing it
  12. When the most success you've had all year is when @bjnovak likes and comments on yo list
  13. Leaving for the summer
    Funk out forever ✌🏼 sike see you next fall