And this is what happened. A Live List, in third person.
  1. Nervously approaching doors. Alcohol in hand.
  2. Greet Sam
    ((Talula's boyfriend who is throwing the party))
  3. This house is cluttered
    So. Much. Clutter.
  4. Go straight to bathroom
    Confirmed: don't know anyone here
  5. THERE IS NO TP! We can't find any!
    But there is a luffa...
  6. Good news! There are dogs!
  7. Met cute German boy and had nice conversation
  8. Was mistaken for some bitch named Carly
    Disappointment insued when drunk boy realized I was not her
  9. Sitting on a bench near the hot tub
  10. Smells like weed
  11. Jack says "smells like caprese salad"
    It's basil...
  12. Jack Talula Carol are sitting on the bench still... The German has left
    But we still have all the alc so jokes on him!!!!!!
  13. German was just introduced to other girls
    They look like middle schoolers, which concerns us.
  14. Made friends with the middle schoolers!
    One of them babysat for a girl I babysat for!
  15. Met nick!
    ((Sam's hot roommate))
  16. Don't get the dogs drunk!!!!!
  17. Jack knows a girl from kindergarten that's coming
  18. We are doing a fun dance! But we're in the corner so it's okay
  19. Carol started to sing Little Mermaid bc she wanted to be where the people are
  20. Carol wants to dance
  21. Jack and Carol just introduced themselves to eachother bc they are not being introduced to other people
  22. Jack and Carol are dancing bc we don't know anyone here so why not!
  23. "People like them don't talk to people like us"
  24. Jack wants to watch sex in the city
  25. Half the girls here have had sex with Nick!
  26. This girl walked in with really shorts
  27. Jacks messaging a boy on tinder
    They all said
  29. Ew so many cigarettes s
  30. Eli said "yo Talula's the shit she's so funny"
  31. We are lying on the couch
  32. Jack has decided to throw a kindergarten reunion
  33. The guy with the speaker just walked into the wall
  34. Sitting on another couch
    Jack says "let's start making out"
  35. Jack thinks he is more flexible when he is drunk
  36. Talula is looking for us!
    Sike she's looking for the beer pong ball :(
  37. Jack got distracted by his Kindergarten friend bc she got here
    He decided not to say hi
  38. The uber driver is telling me that Courtney also went to the house party we went to, he dropped her off there.
  39. UPDATE:
    Jack went home and ordered 2 Pizzas for himself, Talula didn't see the German naked, Carol was so hungover she threw up 8 times on the way to the airport 👌🏼