Quality Selfies

A chronological compilation of the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  1. Carol's First Selfie
    Obviously an oldie but a goodie, taken at the height of my good looks.
  2. When the moon hits your eye
    It's time to take a fam selfie. Circa Rome 2006
  3. "One-armed self pic"
    This was taken on the ski lift going up to the Great Wall of China, stolen from my brother's Facebook with the caption: "Caroline had yet to master the one-armed self pic, we're working on it"
  4. Still working on it
    Where I get my selfie skills
  5. Happy Jack
    Jack gets drunk for the first time
  6. Dog or dinosaur?
    It's your call
  7. "When Caroline Bumps your glasses"
  8. "The wider the eyes the younger you look"
    Mom takes a good picture
  9. True love
    I don't think it's possible to capture my love for pizza in a single picture... But this one comes pretty close.
  10. The real subject of this photo is the tractor driver
    Cue "She Thinks my Tractor's Sexy" by Kenny Chesney
  11. College got us like
  12. This is my stop
  13. *karaoke
    That word's tricky to spell sober...
  14. On my way to steal ya boy
    There is no justifying this.
  15. A National Treasure
    Pretty much sums up my freshman year of college experience...
  16. Watch out Kim, there's a new selfie Queen in town
    Leaving you with a series of dad selfies, because nothing could top those.
  17. Randomly found in my dads camera roll...
    He was trying to capture the design on the shirt. I'd say it's an over all success!
  18. Selfie with chocolate milk!
    Because why not!?
    bc one cat selfie just wasn't enough