Disclaimer: Emphasis on mediocre: It really wasn't that bad besides this boy not taking very much (read: at all) or being very flirty, a miscommunication involving making out in my car, and some awkward and unexpected parking lot kisses... He really was (is) a very sweet guy!
  1. If needed, I can talk about literally anything
    I'm usually a pretty quiet person and can be pretty shy, but when an awkward silence needs to be broken I am your girl! I probably talked about the label on a bottle of hot sauce for like 10 minutes. To be fair it was a very artsy label!
  2. Some boys are like onions
    You have to remove some layers to get them talking, and then when you're in the middle of it and it's pretty juicy you have to remember that you are still in fact eating (or in this case conversing with) an onion and it will go back to being weird and uncomfortable in a few seconds, minutes if you are lucky
  3. The history channel used to be very good, but now not so much
    He was really into the history channel for a little while in high school.
  4. Takeaways:
    I did a pretty freakin good job if you ask me! I was so so nervous, and it didn't go as bad as it could have, but it also went pretty bad and I handled it like a champ! Go me! It's good to take risks! Girls rock and boys can be weird! I don't have to be as awkward as I think I am! I am an incredible and irresistible diva goddess!!! I recommend tinder dates to everyone!!!!!!