1. Background Searches
    Amateurs might call this Facebook stalking, I'm not an amateur.
  2. Rapping Aaron Carter
    I can rap Aaron's Party like nobody's business
  3. Eating Pizza
    18 inch diameter? Bring it on.
  4. The "Prom Dance"
    This move is really more of a line dance and inappropriately embarrassing at the majority of social gatherings.
  5. Concealing drunkness
    This one becomes problematic when one minute your friends think you're still sober and the next minute you're doing the prom dance
  6. Awkward Silences
    These really don't bother me, should I be concerned?
  7. Buying things
    The term "buyers regret" has no place in my vocabulary.
  8. Planning Imaginary Futures
    As in I just planned my wedding to that cute guy that walked by and have prepared names for our 3 kids.... 2 boys, 1 girl.