Things my tattoo could mean, but doesn't 🌉

Inspired by @elisabethmroche ~ I have a tattoo of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on my back, a truss from the west-bound bridge. This section can be seen from the river off of which my grandparents house is located. Tattoo shirts are fun, but you get some pretty interesting comments...
  1. I have a deep, spiritual relationship with this emoji->🌉
    Unfortunately I didn't notice my tattoo looks just like it. For the record: no relation
  2. "Oh are you an engineer?"
    No. I am not.
  3. "Is that the golden gate?"
    Hell no! That's like seeing someone holding a really cute baby and you're like "oh she's so cute what's her name?" and then the person is like "he's a boy..." All babies look the same, and maybe all bridges look the same, but they are not to be confused with one another
  4. A symbol from a different, non Arabic letter using language
    bares some similarity to this->🈷, again, no.
  5. Travel
    I haven't gotten this from anyone, but I assume it could be a guess, an incorrect guess...
  6. Once a drunk girl at a party asked if she could take a picture of it so she could get the same one...
    Uhhhh sure? Does this mean I'd get tattoo creds?