Inspired by @elisabethmroche ~ I have a tattoo of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on my back, a truss from the west-bound bridge. This section can be seen from the river off of which my grandparents house is located. Tattoo shirts are fun, but you get some pretty interesting comments...
  1. Static
  2. Static
  3. I have a deep, spiritual relationship with this emoji->🌉
    Unfortunately I didn't notice my tattoo looks just like it. For the record: no relation
  4. "Oh are you an engineer?"
    No. I am not.
  5. "Is that the golden gate?"
    Hell no! That's like seeing someone holding a really cute baby and you're like "oh she's so cute what's her name?" and then the person is like "he's a boy..." All babies look the same, and maybe all bridges look the same, but they are not to be confused with one another
  6. A symbol from a different, non Arabic letter using language
    bares some similarity to this->🈷, again, no.
  7. Travel
    I haven't gotten this from anyone, but I assume it could be a guess, an incorrect guess...
  8. Once a drunk girl at a party asked if she could take a picture of it so she could get the same one...
    Uhhhh sure? Does this mean I'd get tattoo creds?