Ways I Identify With Lizzie McGuire

  1. First and foremost: she kissed Aaron Carter...
    While I have not, I would give literally anything to
  2. Me at Victoria's Secret
    I WANT A BRA ((but I can't afford them so please just give it to me))
  3. Mad transformations
    Getting ready for a night out like
  4. Finding a secret twin!!
    Who's really an Italian popstar!!!
  5. She's probably none of those things
    But you'll think it anyways
  6. I have really great friends
    Who are actually pretty weird and we're all probably in love but it's fine
  7. I like cookies
    And Lizzie apparently does too
  8. Because I would never be an OUTFIT REPEATER
    But hey, the only thing worse than an outfit repeater is an outfit rememberer
  9. Yep
    Pretty much all the time
  10. Me
    after one glass of wine
  11. Killer shades
    Very good sense of style
  12. We are both really great dancers
    If you've seen me dance this one should go without saying