I went to university in Brighton. Now, 20 years later I'm finally returning there, for good.
  1. Visit Sussex University campus
    And probably realise how little time spent there after moving out of halls
  2. Find a decent coffee shop that sells vanilla lattes
    So apparently vanilla latte isn't cool so none of the decent coffee shops actually sell it. However I refuse to spend the rest of my life drinking second rate coffee from Cafe Nero.
  3. Find a co-working space
    Thinking of The Skiff.
  4. Run along the sea front every morning
    I've written it here so I have to do it
  5. Visit the car boot / flea market at the Marina
  6. Attend a Hungry Years rock night
    I used to work here in and loved the place. Now it's back and I'm expecting it to be pretty awful tbh but it's worth a look.
  7. Get along to Stay Beautiful club night at Sticky Mikes
  8. Check out Spellbound at Komedia
  9. Get a ticket for Great Escape (maybe?)
  10. Find a decent bakery
  11. Cheeky pints in ...
    White Rabbit, Dead Wax Social