Pygmy Hippo Shoppe is my Xanadu, here are some of my favorite treasures from there.
  1. Sparkle Jar Necklace
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    I wear this every day without fail.
  2. Fawn Ring
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    What better to go with a sparkle necklace
  3. Beetle Broach
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    My mom got a matching one 💖
  4. Hologram bunny stickers
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    No comment needed
  5. Funny Broads Pizza Party Coloring Book by Betty Turbo
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    Crayons + Amy Sedaris = Better than therapy
  6. Lollipop Pin from Tuesday Bassen
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    Also all of Tuesday's art.
  7. Buried Diamond Puppy Patch
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    I can't decide what to put it on because TOO CUTE!
  8. Vintage Squirrel Patch
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    These are only $5 so obvs I bought a hundred of them