Crystals make an inexpensive yet meaningful addition to most any Christmas gift and are a great present on their own. Feel free to comment with who you're struggling to gift and we'll help you out.
  1. For the frayed-nerves type
    Lepidolite for calming, rose quartz for self-love
  2. For the leader of the pack
    Fluorite for focus, carnelian for structure
  3. For the spiritual one
    Selenite for channeling God, amethyst for spiritual protection
  4. For the sadsack
    Black kyanite for removing bad energies, rhodochrosite for love
  5. For the broken hearted
    Rhodonite for heart healing, black tourmaline for keeping negativity out
  6. For the college student
    Honey calcite for hard work, green calcite for relaxation
  7. For the feminist
    Larimar for feminine spiritual protection, moonstone for lunar energy
  8. For the writer
    Sodalite for honest communication, orange calcite for meaningful creative harnessing of emotions
  9. For the space cadet
    Garnet for grounding, blue kyanite for opening psychic channels
  10. For the easily discouraged
    Dalmatian stone for staying the course, cinnabar for trusting the path
  11. For the guy who loves scratch-offs
    Peridot for financial success, pyrite for abundance
  12. For the traveler
    Malachite for luck, smoky quartz to remind you where you are