Most do
  1. Kate Boosh - Heems
    Those Das Racist dudes know how to sample and this is just fun and good.
  2. Orgonon Gurlz - Neil Cicierega
    Listen I don’t like Katy Perry but I have a soft-spot for mash-ups (don’t tell the mash-up artist who broke my heart).
  3. Wuthering Heights - The Puppini Sisters
    I like when a Kate Bush cover tries to sound nothing like the original. The Puppinis do that.
  4. Hounds of Love - The Futureheads
    So do the Futureheads.
  5. Suspended in Gaffa - Ra Ra Riot
    Listen it's nowhere as good as the original but it doesn't offend me.
  6. Love and Anger - Nada Surf
    Same here.