1. Strange Phenomena
    "Punctual blues" so much sweeter than "on the rag."
  2. Room for the Life
    "Like it or not we were built tough cuz we're women" - tattooed on my vulva.
  3. In the Warm Room
    I love asking men to "say hello to the soft musk of my hollows."
  4. Babooshka
    Kate's third album had not one but TWO passion-and-revenge tales because 👼
  5. And Dream of Sheep
    Tbh this song makes me want to drown in the best possible way
  6. This Woman's Work
    Just listen and try not to weep.
  7. Moments of Pleasure
    Play this at my funeral.
  8. Among Angels
    Play this when an encore is demanded at my funeral.