Aka, my favorite women ever
  1. Betty Ford
    Publicly pro-feminism and pro-choice despite being republican. A divorced dancer and recovering alcoholic. One of the first women to talk about breast cancer and responsible for a huge wave of mammograms.
  2. Hilary Clinton
    Super involved in policy in a meaningful way, had her marriage and relationship attacked in a very nasty way and came out strong and powerful as ever. Smart smart smart.
  3. Lady Bird Johnson
    Substantially cooler than her husband, super pro-environment, first First Lady to have her own press secretary, had to be super brave to see what happened to Jacqueline and John and not be too scared to move forward.
  4. Rosalynn Carter
    Half of the most charming Pres/1st lady pairing. Helped to fight against mental health stigma, sat in on cabinet meetings, seemed like a great weirdo.
  5. Michelle Obama
    Friends with Beyoncé
  6. Eleanor Roosevelt
    I started crying when I typed her name so, that.
  7. Dolley Madison
    Basically wrote the rules of First Ladying.
  8. Jacqueline Kennedy
    Handled tragedy with grace.
  9. Abigail Adams
    John Adams opponents literally shit on him for having such a politically active and smart wife.
  10. Florence Harding
    She served booze at parties during prohibition and wanted better rights for working women.