1. My beautiful apartment
  2. My wonderful, healthy roommate
  3. My kind, sweet boyfriend
  4. So many friends I couldn't begin to name them all
  5. My sobriety
  6. My progress made the past year
  7. My job my job my job my job
  8. Jessica Jones
  9. Comic books
  10. Mac and cheese
  11. My chinchilla Ken Cosgrove
  12. Candles
  13. Incense
  14. Crystals
  15. Documentaries
  16. Modcloth and Asos
  17. Green apples and Brie
  18. A big heavy comforter
  19. Kate Bush
  20. Joanna Newsom
  21. Sermon podcasts from cool good ministers
  22. Arts and crafts
  23. Pygmy Hippo Shoppe
  24. Spellbound Sky
  25. Cake Monkey
  26. Beyonce
  27. Long blonde hair
  28. Bobby Flay shows
  29. A place to go when I'm sad and scared
  30. A practical AND cute bag
  31. My computer
  32. The insane amount of talented, ethical people disrupting the status quo
  33. My friend Katie who is so much more grounded than I'll ever be
  34. My friend Nina who speaks to angels
  35. Oops my sandwich is here