1. Bobby Flay is the Daddy
    We love the daddy. He makes corny jokes and can be mean but it's because he loves us. He makes is yummy food and we love him.
  2. Alex Guarnaschelli is the Mommy
    Alex is the mommy. She takes us to the museum and makes us soup when we're sick. It's sad when mommy gets disappointed in us. We love the mommy.
  3. Scott Conant is the Son
    He's so handsome and a bad boy. Mommy and Daddy tease him but they're proud of him. Girls come over and he gives them smooches because he's the handsome boy.
  4. Anne Burrell is the Aunt
    She's so silly. She has lots of funny phrases and is loud. She let's us get away with things mommy doesn't let us do. We like her hair and tattoos.
  5. Guy Feiri is the Son-In-Law
    We don't like him but we don't want to be mean so we just invite him over and are nice to him.
  6. Alton Brown is the Lil Cousin
    He is loud and rambunctious and hard to handle but cute in small doses. He likes to look at what mommy and daddy cook and ask questions. We are supposed to say "oh look how cute" but it's not.