1. Wear rose quartz jewelry
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    Rose quartz is a great stone for wearing as its strong but gentle energy won't overwhelm you.
  2. Keep a rose quartz in your pocket
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    When you need some serenity just squeeze it in your hand like a worry stone.
  3. Roll on some Love Force magic oil from Spellbound Sky
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    Powered by rose quartz with the gentle smell of ylang ylang, this oil will let loving kindness permeate your skin.
  4. Try working with a rose quartz pendulum
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    Hover your pendulum over your journal, your oracle cards, your body, anything you want to see with loving kindness and serenity
  5. Put rose quartz in a potpourri
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    In here we have rose bud, rose leaf, rose hip, pink salt, lavender, lemon peel, chrysanthymum, and of course bits of rose quartz. And as you can see, I topped it off with a rose quartz orb
  6. Burn Warm Heart incense cones by Higher Mind Incense
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    The smell is deep yet simple and the essence of rose quartz makes it perfect to burn before a loving kindness meditation
  7. Put rose quartz in your dresser drawer
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    Rose quartz is a stone of self-love, calm kindness, and yes serenity. So keep a rose quartz in your make-up bag, shower, anywhere you might have the instinct to not treat yourself with loving kindness.
  8. Practice Loving Kindness meditation with a rose quartz over your heart
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    You can find guides on YouTube, but basically the aim is to picture a person for whom love comes easy for you, a person who you don't have feelings regarding, a person for whom love is difficult to give, and yourself. The meditation seeks to connect the same strong beam of love through each person. It's not easy, so an assist from rose quartz is incredibly helpful.