I struggle with the idea that I'm a creator. A writer. A performer. It feels inauthentic, like I'm putting off the inevitable desk job in my future. But if I'm going to create, which seems to be the way God has blown me so far, this is what I want to create
  1. Things that elicit smiles so big and giggles so loud that people are embarrassed.
  2. Things that make young girls feel invincible.
  3. Things that will be looked at a hundred years from now as ethical and smart.
  4. Things that can be shared with ease.
  5. Things that bring people out of their brains and into reality.
  6. Things that do not waste the earth's precious resources or the time of those enjoying them.
  7. Things that people give as gifts.
  8. Things that people are so excited for that they can't fall asleep.
  9. Things that closed-minded, hurtful people find to be a huge waste of time.
  10. Things that are beautiful from one angle and rough and clumsy from another.
  11. Things that make people quit jobs they hate and break up with people who hurt them.
  12. Things that smell sweet but earthy.
  13. Things that are terribly hot but don't leave scars.
  14. Things that you call your mom to tell her about.
  15. Things that you don't want to throw away, so you give to your best friend.
  16. Things that reward people for patience and kindness.