And I defended Freak Show
  1. RM's fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of addiction
    It's clear that addiction will play heavily into this season. It's a shame nobody does or talks about drugs the way RM characters do.
  2. Horrible acting all around
    That lead is awful. The kids are awful. Gags is awful. Evan Peters is choking on scenery.
  3. Nothing anyone says is grounded in any reality
    Remember Connie Britton in Murder House? Remember how she seemed like a regular person? Oh how I miss it.
  4. None of the mythos is grounded in lore
    Past seasons have played with tropes like evil nazi doctors, voodoo queens, killer clowns, ghosts, grifters, catholic demons. These tropes help us know what to expect sooner so we can subvert that sooner. Weird vampire rapists who can go out during the day and industrialist sadists? I don't know what you want from me.
  5. Anti vax stuff in ep 2!?
    Remember in Asylum where Chloe had a whole talk about how we call women whores for liking sex and it did nothing but make people feel smart even though it's a 14 yo's level of social awareness? Well we got it's sequel in ep 2s condemnation of anti-vaxers also from Chloe
  6. Gore galore
    If I had to guess the longest stretch between brutal, graphic slayings on the show I'd say 7 minutes. It's no shocking or titilating it's just gross-out.