Things I Want

Stuff I want. That's pretty much it
  1. Bath bombs
    They're described as fancy, so they must be good
  2. Pineapple pillow
    It's so cute holy frick it's SMILING
  3. @ clock
    Would probably make me feel like I actually have a large social media following
  4. Sunrise soap
    Soap from a local boutique, I didn't have any money on me when I saw it
  5. M00r pineapples
    My cat would actually probably never use this but it's real cute
  6. Wednesday Addams tote
    Perfect for my teen angst
  7. Nordstrom dress
    So pretty and so expensive
  8. Salt lamps
    For all my boho chic room vibes
  9. Sliced agate necklaces
    That deep blue doe..