If you learn from your mistakes, then I am a fucking genius. - Kayne West
  1. That time a patient pointed out that i curtsied after I introduced myself
  2. That time I accidentally tore out a patient's nose hair and he responded to my panic with "I'm not hurt, I'm just scared"
  3. That time an attending asked me where her medical student went, when I was in fact her medical student
  4. That time I was in charge of bag masking a child's stuffed moose while everyone else actually did medical things
  5. That time I was told I intubated the mannequin correctly, but knocked out all its fake teeth
  6. That time I presented "tender to palpitation" 600 times on rounds, only to be corrected at the end of my rotation
  7. That time I told my attending I was 99% sure that a patient didn't have an ear drum, only to be in that other 1%
  8. That time I moved a kiddo out of the way only for him to then show me the ring worm rash I just touched
  9. That time a patient said she liked the lady on her left, I smiled and said thank you, then realized I was on her right
  10. Every time I respond to any name that starts with a C