Welp, this is embarrassing.
  1. Parsley recipes
    Help! I have way too much!
  2. Poison ivy rash
    Because I don't know what's on my moms leg but I'm pretty sure it's not that.
  3. How to unclog your garbage disposal
    Made a cool discovery today: there were rocks in the soil I tried to push down my disposal.
  4. Pediatric cardiologist salary
    Let's be real.
  5. Chemtrails
    I pretend knowledge of anything Jenner is necessary for my career in pediatrics. You know, so I can relate to the teens.
  6. Saving recipes on your computer
    Overwhelming response was Evernote. Which sucks, because I hate Evernote.
  7. Savory
    An impossible word to define. Try it then Google it. Google doesn't even have the answer.
  8. Megan's law
    I'm not proud of this. But I recently finished Missoula and they talk about the registry a lot. I was just TOO curious!
  9. Half a pound in ounces
    I just wasn't 100% sure ok?
  10. Myself
    Only to prove to my boyfriend that I have an awfully minimal web presence.