More than just a steel town or a sports city, Pittsburgh is surprising us all as it continues to rank as one of the best cities for _____ in the US! Home of one of the top medical centers, 7+ universities, affordable housing, three (or four depending) rivers, new tech scene, and a small town feel, I'm proud of my hometown. Here's its break down !
  1. Oakland
    Quite different from the better known Oakland, this is the epicenter of the universities and home to thousands of college students. Eat- breakfast @ Pamela's diner, lunch/dinner @ the Porch at Schenely. Coffee- $1 coffees at the Porch until 11am weekdays! Visit- Cathedral of learning, Carnegie Art & Natural History Museum, Schenley Plaza/Park.
  2. Bloomfield
    A little grittier of a neighborhood but a definite community feel. Boasted as "the little Italy of pittsburgh" it's full of delis and mom&pop stores. Not much to eat and see around here, but if you're in town for "Little Italy days" (RIGHT NOW), you won't have trouble finding entertainment here !
  3. Lawrenceville
    The trendiest of our neighborhoods and the beacon of upscale food, boutiques, and hipster barber shops. Eat- breakfast @ La Gourmadine, lunch @ Coco cafe/Smoke for lunch, dinner @ Piccolo forno/ Cure /Pusadees garden, and drinks @ La Cantina (Patio). Coffee- Espresso E Mano. Visit- Row House Cinema/Atlas Brew Works, Arsenal Cider House. Shop- Pavement, Wild Card, Mid Atlantic Mercantile. Missing so much here. Just go!
  4. Strip District
    Essentially one massive street lined with an eclectic collection of family owned specialty food stores and Pittsburgh sports merchandise. A definite to visit if you are in town on a weekend AM. Everything closes at 4, which is def inconvenient but adds to the charm. Eat- breakfast/lunch @ Marty's market, dinner @ Gaucho (!!) and drinks @ bar Marco. Shop- don't miss Penn Mac, Wholeys fish market, and Enrico's biscotti. Coffee- 21st street cafe (best cold brews in the burgh).
  5. Downtown
    Admittedly a smaller down town than you might expect, but with a pretty significant cultural scene ! The cultural district boasts 5+ theaters surrounded by independent galleries. Once a month, there's a free cultural gallery crawl (with free booze too). Eat- brunch @ Meat and Potatoes, dinner @ the Commoner/ Grit and Grace/ Eleven, drinks @ Sienna Mercato, LOLA, Biergarten. Visit- Market Square, the Point, the river walk. Stay- Hotel Monaco, the Fairmont.
  6. North Shore
    Directly across from downtown, home to PNC park (voted one of the most beautiful baseball stadiums in the country) and Heinz Field (surprisingly not the color of Ketchup but named after it!). To attract more than just the sports fanatics, this areas been expanding ever since, with the addition of a casino, expansion of the children's science center, and construction of parks and green space. Poor food options tho, heads up! Visit- Andy Warhol museum, Stage AE for more popular concerts.
  7. Station Square
    Across downtown on the other side! Caters more to out of town guests, boasts a lot of large chain restaurants such as Bucca do Beppo, Bar Louie, Joes Crab Shack, Melting Pot, and tourist attractions like the Gateway Clipper and Ducky Tours. Great to take your cousins to when they are in town. Eat- dinner @ the Grand Concourse for an old time feel. Visit- the incline to take you to..
  8. Mount Washington
    The quaint community at the top of the mountain overlooking pittsburgh ! If you google image the burgh, I'll bet you the pictures you see were taken at one of the overlooks stationed along the top ! Easily accessible by the inclines below, but seemingly decent parking if you'd prefer to drive. Honestly, fancy restaurants banking on the view up here. Never too into it. If you know a good spot let us know !
  9. South Side
    Just to the east of Station Square, you'll find one of the most entertaining areas of Pittsburgh. In the Guiness Book of World Records for most bars on one street, well expect to find lots of bars. Sprinkled in are boutiques, fancier restaurants and the like. Don't visit on a weekend night if drunk kids aren't your thing. Eat- dinner @ Cafe du Jour ( patio). Coffee- Big Dog Coffee shop. Shop - h&m and Urban Outfitters. Visit - Hofbräuhaus, German style beer hall with all that comes with it.
  10. Shadyside
    Home to the post grads, professionals, and golden retrievers, shadyside is considered a yuppier part of Pittsburgh. A few main streets offer shopping and food (Walnut, Ellsworth, South highland) but the best idea is to walk around and enjoy the mansions in the neighborhood. Eat- Noodlehead (BYOB) and Casbah on Highland. Coffee- Starbucks (eh, everyone else is). Shop- Walnut St for all your workout clothes needs.
  11. Squirrel hill
    A community with a large orthodox Jewish population, driving through this area on a Saturday can feel like you're in a different country! Typically full of families and quieter college kids. Two main streets with lots of food options and quiet neighborhoods to explore. Eat- breakfast @ Pamela's diner, lunch @ Smallman Street deli or a slice @ any of the 10 pizza joints, dinner @ Everyday Noodles or Ramen Bar. Coffee- Commonplace coffee. Visit- Jerry's records, Manor theater, public library.
  12. East Liberty
    Honestly, considered a "ghetto" by my suburban surroundings growing up (it was a huge controversy when Target set up shop) now it's one of the ever expanding food scenes in the burgh (and it houses the whole foods so it's come a long way). Nestled between established Shadyside and developing Reagent Square. Rumor has it Ace Hotels is opening up a location in the fall, which is the last thing this community needs before it becomes IT. Eat- dinner @ Paris 66/ BRGR. Coffee-Zekes.
  13. Highland Park
    One of the furthest out of the neighborhoods listed, full of large old mansions and home to even older trees. Again, one dominant street holds the goods, but lovely area to walk and explore. Eat- brunch @ E2, lunch/dinner at Park Bruge. Coffee- Tazzo d'oro. Visit- the highland park itself !
  14. I left out your home neighborhood. I know. I'm sorry. I just wanted to give you the opportunity to tell ME about it!
  15. If I'm not the lone Pittsburgher in this LISTAPP world after all, suggest something cool about your home turf or a place you stumbled upon, and I'll make a point to check it out! Especially if it involves coffee :)
  16. Suggestions PLZ : North Side, Mexican War Streets, Polish Hill.