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  1. Positivity and Optimism
    Always does her best to put on a good face for the day, great morale for everyone around her
  2. Fun
    Literally just so much fun to be around, no matter what we're doing, I'm always having a good time
  3. Willing to do a variety of activities
    She doesn't have much apprehension when trying new things, but still appreciates the old things, whether its brunching, gyming, bouncing, shopping, uni-ing, dog grouping, boardgaming, just dancing or boxing
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  1. Loyal
    Such a genuinely great friend to have once she gets to know you, treats you with respect and so much care
  2. Great conversationalist
    Good for a bit of a banter, a story, links to funny shit (not goats) or someone to who will listen.
  3. Tolerant
    I don't feel judged by her, i feel like I'm myself when i'm with her. #drpimplepopper
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  1. Passion
    Dedication to following and obsessing over new things to make herself happy
  2. Resillience
    Despite being dealt a pretty shitty hand, shes always able to bounce back and persevere
  3. Embracing herself
    Seeing her become who she wants to be and openly accepting who shes grown into
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  1. Emphasis on self improvement
    Always working on being the best version of himself he can be
  2. Self awareness
    Knowing his limitations and but also how to push and exercise the boundaries within them
  3. Dedication to passion
    Pursuing basketball with every fibre of his being to make himself happy
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Since 2000, Aged 5
  1. Ambitious
    Equipped with the motivation and drive to actually fulfill her goals
  2. Self awareness
    Knowing how she will feel and how react in situations, like knowing her quota for length of social interaction
  3. Strong willed
    Expresses opinions with confidence
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  1. Excessive yawning
  2. Seeing others cry
  3. Overwhelming feelings of embarrassment looking at personal facebook posts from 2008
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  1. Becoming a somewhat responsible adult
  2. Your estranged father contacting you on facebook
  3. Dedicating extended amounts of time into ultimate frisbee
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