It was a great year for drinking in LA, and I drank a lot, but here are the ones that stood out to me. Check out my more detailed post on @LAmag.
  1. Gracias Madre's Up in Smoke aka the bong cocktail.
  2. Harlowe's Wakey Wakey
  3. Sonny's Hideaway's French Correction
  4. Gracias Madre's Three Miracles
  5. Redbird's Julia Childs
  6. Bestia's I Am Sky
  7. Warwick's Melone Faraglioni
  8. Viviane's Vesper
  9. Belcampo Meat Co.'s Ramos Cereal Milk Fizz
  10. EP/LP's Black Thai Optional
  11. Faith and Flower's Spanish Milk Punch
  12. Walker Inn's In N Out
  13. Spare Room's Salt & Vinegar martini
  14. Catch & Release's Bloody Bull
  15. The Fiscal Agent's An Officer and a Gentian
  16. Pistola's The Brain
  17. Birch's #8
  18. Petty Cash DTLA's Rose Jose
  19. Terrine's Strawberry Puff
  20. Cliff's Edge's Cocchi Cobbler