When you want something other than soju and Hite. These bars feature crafty cocktails, skilled bartenders and/or tons of atmosphere. Def my fave places to drink in K-town. Variation in @LAmag October issue!
  1. Normandie Club
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    Sure you've seen the ol' "classics with a twist" menu before but the Martini with its bit of grey salt and sherry is savory good! It continues to blow the minds of even the experienced cocktail drinker.
  2. Walker Inn
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    I love this bar so much. Even though it does require planning ahead which I'm horrible at. You have to make a reservation to get in but once you do you'll see how worth it it was. There's an omakase cocktail experience and cocktails like you've never seen.
  3. Mezcaleria at Guelguetza
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    This little Mezcal bar located in the James Beard honored restaurant showcases 150 mezcals handpicked by owner Bricia Lopez.
  4. Break Room 86
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    This is the spot for silly fun cocktails, crazy nights with raucous friends and a good time with a Michael Jackson impersonator.
  5. The Prince
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    Ok you don't go here for the cocktails. In fact, avoid the cocktails. Follow Don Draper's lead, the bar popped up in Mad Men, and drink straight whiskey. Great place to start or end the night.