I'm tired of fighting the gray hair so instead I'm gonna embrace my inner granny and go gray. But i can't make up my mind which shade to do
  1. I call this gun metal
    9db710d0 0c2e 47f8 a1f2 7c344b704109
  2. Go lighter
    D756dc77 53f5 4e7d 8499 6e830620b645
  3. Blue steel
    7338b79c 4f67 419c 8b11 90fec43ea8d5
  4. Dark roots
    4d6fc5b9 c05d 4e68 914e 78a1a5c98cce
  5. Almost black
    30c0614b d24b 49b2 8977 109c6de00c62
  6. Purplish
    E4b833df f91c 46bd 9d36 61e2ea616096
  7. Same color as my dog?
    3f6ee62b ebab 46eb a84c aded862d7de5