Because I watched that Maysles' documentary about Iris Apfel and am forever inspired to wear the lipstick.
  1. Rimmel 'Bordeaux'
    Just like a fine red wine, this lip color is that elusive burgundy, not too purple and not too red. Super dramatic. I'm wearing it with cozy sweaters and matte eyeshadows.
  2. MAC 'Ruby Woo'
    OH THIS COLOR. Striking red with a stay-all-day matte formula. It's a classic for a reason, and that reason is that this lipstick will make you feel like superwoman. (But, like, superwoman starring in her own film, not just backing up superman and batman. I've read the articles).
  3. NARS 'Tolede'
    This is an interesting bird of a lipstick. It is a true warm neutral in a heavy formula that I wear when I want to look like I'm-sort-of-wearing-lipstick-but-maybe-I'm-not-you-can't-tell-can-you? You know that feeling.
  4. Revlon Ultra HD 'Gladolius'
    Bright, pure red. This formula is so good. It smells like a garden and goes on smooth and silky.
  5. Revlon Balm Lip Stain in 'Honey'
    I wear this every day. With a taste of mint and a swipe of shine, it deepens my natural lip color just a little with a neutral-ish, light berry-ish hue. Good for literally any situation/day/blind date/job interview/correspondents' dinner.
  6. NARS 'Goodbye Emmanuelle'
    This is a blue-based bright pink from a limited edition winter collaboration with Guy Bourdin (way back when). It is shocking but not too neon, pink but not too juvenile. It's fun to wear, you guys.
  7. Laura Mercier 'Healthy Lips'
    This is a deep rose color and it makes me feel very professional and grown up. That's enough to make the list, right?