Favorite Lists

Lists that I'll read to the very end, every time.
  1. The best new podcasts that aren't Serial
    Do you have time to listen to them? Of course you do. Download them all, listen to three minutes of each, and feel infinitely more knowledgable.
  2. The best independent films of the year
    These films are so indie that you haven't even caught a whisper of them on the interwebz.
  3. Travel packing tips (How many travel tips do I need? ALL OF THEM).
    How many ways can you pack a carry-on? The possibilities are thrilling.
  4. The best Jenny Slate instagrams of the week
    She's the coolest.
  5. Nine cool-girl autumn hats: you too can pull them off, just read this list!
    You have tried to wear a beanie countless times to no avail. (You're missing the artfully messy hair and devil-may-care expression.) Maybe you'll have a bit more luck with that maroon felt-brimmed number, but don't worry too much, spring is on its way.
  6. Lipsticks that will change your life
    Real list, real results. These sorts of lists led me to purchase the new Rimmel lipstick 'Bordeaux' from my local CVS, and you guys, there was some life-changing going on.