1. Butterfly
    Because I am SO delicate
  2. Bat
    My mom sewed shiny purple fabric to a crew neck hoodie and I wore cat ears. Won a costume contest 💁🏼
  3. Lion
    Also made by Donna. Hand me down from Liz
  4. Goul
    Because I refused to be something cute for like. 4 years of my life.
  5. A lion again
    Different costume. Still made by Donna. Still worn first by my sister.
  6. Where's Waldo
    But not Waldo. The not Waldo. The fake out Waldo. Because that's a thing?
  7. Sporty spice.
    I don't wanna talk about it...
  8. Winnie the Pooh
    Because I chose to go comfy for Halloween my freshman year instead of ✨sexy✨
  9. A crayon
  10. A highlighter
  11. Janet Jetson
  12. Sandy cheeks
    Sans helmet though 😔
  13. Max from the grinch
    I looked more like poop on a stick however...