Inspired by @erin and the suggestion at the bottom of my profile, enjoy 5 random pics, courtesy of my phone.
  1. Here's my family's dog, Maisie, in her best "come hither" position.
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    She's very manipulative that way.
  2. My roommates @sjinwards and @amyreed know me so well and gave me a Tardis and breakfast in bed on my birthday.
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    It should be noted that the Tardis is filled with chocolate.
  3. I once went to Carnivale in Cadiz, Spain dressed as Minnie Mouse.
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    It was the craziest day of my life filled with crowds of people dressed in insane costumes, urine in the streets, and chorizo. I'm lucky I came back ears in tact.
  4. The result of a rough night ending in Denny's. Also pictured is someone who is thankfully not on ListApp and will not see this post.
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    I never thought of myself as a foodstagrammer, but I think I'm onto something here.
  5. The Seder table!
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  6. BONUS: I'm just going to throw this bathtub pic of me on here.
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