It's incredible how much my perspective and priorities have shifted in just a few years.
  1. Feminism
    It's crazy, but there was a time I truly didn't think or care about women's rights. It didn't affect my immediate life, and if some guy hollered at me on the street, I was actually flattered (because woo that means I've grown into an attractive lady)! Now, I'm proud to call myself a feminist, read about all women's issues, whether cultural or in the workplace, etc., and will fight for deserved equal rights and justice.
  2. How clean my home is
    I'm a mess, and I never used to be embarrassed by it. Who cares if there are a few dishes out or some jackets strewn over the couch? Now, I feel ashamed if people come over when there's clutter. Yes I know there's no need to apologize, but I'm still going to apologize for the messiness of my apartment, dammit!
  3. My physical presentation
    I used to dress like a hippie, but not a chic one. I really couldn't care less about how disheveled I looked to the public. That's all changed. I want to look crisp and clean wearing clothes that aren't wrinkled, and nails that don't have two week old nail polish chipping off (this still happens sometimes). You never know who you may run into.
  4. My parents' opinions
    As a teenager and a college student, advice from my parents was like nails on a chalkboard. Now, as a lost mid-20s millennial, I crave the advice of the older and the wiser who always have my best interests at heart.
  5. Learning about and fighting against anti-Semitism
    Again, this was something that never affected me when I was younger. I grew up in a predominately Jewish suburb and was sheltered pretty much my whole childhood. Today, as I read about the divestment bills being passed in universities across the country and the frightening occurrences in Europe, I think it's important, now more than ever, to stand proudly as a Jew.
  6. Marriage and babies
    No I'm not rushing into anything, and I'm currently single (ListApp men??), but I'm definitely still slightly more aware of the ticking clock. That doesn't mean I'm going to start crying about my singledom or going off to try on wedding dresses alone anytime soon.