I actually did a taste test. This is not a drill.
  1. Sweet Mandy B's
    Get their vanilla/vanilla. I know it sounds boring, but I've never had such a deliciously fluffy cupcake with perfectly sweet frosting. I actually hate that I'm in LA and can't get this right now.
  2. Sprinkles
    Unoriginal, yes, but still great. It's Sprinkles so enough said.
  3. Molly's Cupcakes
    Ask a lot of people in Chicago, and they'll argue that Molly's is the best. I disagree because I don't like whipped buttercream frosting (it only tastes good if it's clogging my arteries). Still their Ron Bennington cupcake is pretty amazing with its chocolate peanut butter deliciousness.
  4. Flirty Cupcakes
    The cupcakes are kind of meh, but Flirty gets a bonus for being on a truck and bringing the cupcakes to me in Evanston.
  5. Magnolia Bakery
    Again unoriginal, and for some reason, I think the cupcakes taste a little like cardboard. If you go here, just get the banana pudding.
  6. Swirlz Cupcakes
    I was extremely underwhelmed.