I don't care if you haven't seen this movie. Do yourself a favor, and listen to the soundtrack immediately.
  1. "Fare Thee Well (Dink's Song)"
    Beautiful with amazing harmonies, and it includes Marcus Mumford. It's like heroin for the ears.
  2. "Please Mr. Kennedy"
    This song is obnoxiously catchy. It's the "Let It Go" of the people who watch Coen brothers movies world. Justin Timberlake sings lead vocals, if you need another reason to go listen to it.
  3. "Five Hundred Miles"
    I may like this faster paced version more than the Peter, Paul and Mary version *gasp*. JT sings on this track too, and if you're curious what Carey Mulligan's singing voice sounds like, here's your chance to find out.
  4. "The Auld Triangle"
    I love harmonies, so I'm naturally obsessed with a song that tackles the most insane harmonies I've ever heard. Plus, the singers are Irish!
  5. "The Death of Queen Jane"
    Oscar Isaac's performance of this song is heart-wrenchingly beautiful. It's a gorgeous ballad and deserves a listen.
  6. "The Last Thing on My Mind"
    A pretty melody and very nicely sung, this song is another great off the album.
  7. "Hang Me, Oh Hang Me"
    It's not my absolute favorite song from the soundtrack, but Oscar Isaac's voice is so amazing that I had to put it on. It's definitely a good opener song, I'll give it that.
  8. "Farewell"
    **SPOILER alert - Bob Dylan (as a character) makes a semi-appearance in this movie! I started hitting the person next to me until she angrily admitted that, yes she sees please stop hitting her. Anyway, couldn't make this list without including the Dylan song!
  9. The Shoals of Herring
    So beautiful. Makes me feel like a fisherman!
    Suggested by @carey