The lame ones don't get to be on this list
  1. Roy
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    He's badass and kind of hot for a video game character.
  2. Zelda
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    Because obviously... You also get to play with Shiek so that's cool.
  3. Kirby
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    I like eating people and spitting them out.
  4. Samus
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    She'll kick your ass.
  5. Link
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    He's a pretty safe choice, but you can't go wrong with the hero of time. Plus what's a Super Smash game without some classic Link grunting.
  6. Marth
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    Roy's less hot brother. Whatever, I guess he's okay.
  7. Ganondorf
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    Sure he has the Triforce, but he's also evil. I like my classic hero>evil games.
  8. Pikachu
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    Not a bad fighter but can get super annoying.
  9. Jiggly-Puff
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    Yes I know this is a weird choice, but it's so fun to sing other players to sleep. You know, if they don't attack you first.
  10. Fox
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    He has a laser gun and is good at jumping and flipping around a lot.
  11. Mr. Game & Watch
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    I just like his name.
  12. Falcon
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    Booooring, but his obnoxiously loud falcon punch does cause some major damage.
  13. Ice Climbers
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    You get two for the price of one, but otherwise underwhelming.
  14. Mario
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    I just feel like he should be on here, but I choose not to play with him.