It's the same as being attracted to any fictional character, right?
  1. John Smith - Pocahontas
    Maybe it's the hot accent or the luscious blond locks, but John Smith is sexy as all hell. I would defy my father to save his life any day.
  2. Aladdin - Aladdin
    His boyishness is adorable, and I love what a romantic he is. To top it off, girl look at that body.
  3. Howl - Howl's Moving Castle
    He has the sexy femininity of Jareth the Goblin King and the voice of Christian Bale. His love for Sophie makes me wish that I was cursed to be an old lady and then picked up by a weird walking castle.
  4. Robin Hood - Robin Hood
    I don't care that he's an animal as well as a cartoon character. He is a literal and figurative fox.
  5. Li Shang - Mulan
    There was definitely a little homoerotic tension going on when he thought Mulan was a man, and Shang is so hot I can see why. He also gets to sing the best song in the whole movie.
  6. Phoebus - Hunchback of Notre Dame
    Not so into the haircut or chinstrap, but what a dashing guy that woman stealer is. Okay I get it, he met Esmeralda before Quasimodo did, but I still get sad when Esmerelda chooses the hottie over the hunchback. Don't worry Es, I'll take Phoebus off your hands for you.
  7. Flynn Rider - Tangled
    What is with all these animated men and chinstraps? Still, Flynn's got a lot of bad boy charm going on, and I'm into it.
  8. Esmerelda - Hunchback of Notre Dame
    MAJOR girl crush
  9. Prince Phillip - Sleeping Beauty
    Generic, yes, but way more interesting than the bland Prince Charmings in Cinderella and Snow White (who wears lipstick by the looks of it). If any guy wants to win me over, just sneak up on me in the woods and sing a playful duet with me.
  10. Cloud Strife - Final Fantasy VII
    He's a video game character, but hot damn! Look at that spiky blond hair and soulful blue eyes filled with sadness and turmoil.
  11. Kovu - The Lion King II: Simba's Pride
    Kovu is way hotter than golden boy Simba. His dark handsomeness and troubled past make for one sexy lion.
  12. Yesssss! Also this handsome devil
    Suggested by   @lfried
  13. SpongeBob
    Blonde, blue eyes, flat stomach, successful
    Suggested by   @esther
  14. Dimitri - Anastasia
    Such a hunk. The hair, the charm, the quick-wit, had me like 😍. Also, voiced by John Cusack ❤️
    Suggested by   @chloewepper