Anyone in the Buffy universe is going to have a rough time, but some people have it worse than others. I'm not including the Scooby Gang here.
  1. Jesse McNally
    Remember this guy from the first two episodes? Neither do his supposed best friends Xander and Willow. After Joss Whedon pulled a Game of Thrones and killed him off before his time, his friends hardly shed a tear and never mention the poor guy again. At least he gets to be a badass vampire for all of two seconds.
  2. Harmony Kendall
    She was always in Cordelia's shadow when she was human, and then she went and got herself turned into a vampire. Her greatest achievement was becoming the sad girlfriend to the emotionally abusive Spike, a vamp who was in love with another woman. Girl couldn't catch a break.
  3. Debbie Foley
    Speaking of abuse, my heart breaks for Debbie who was both physically and emotionally abused by her boyfriend Pete in an episode of season 3. It didn't really help that Pete was drinking some sort of Jekyll and Hyde potion that turned him into an evil hulk every time he got angry. He ended up killing her tragically.
  4. Billy Fordham
    Ford was an old childhood friend of Buffy's who comes to Sunnydale, and then tries to sacrifice Buffy so he can become a vampire. Pretty evil, right? Well it turns out Ford has a goddamn BRAIN TUMOR and wants to become a vamp so he doesn't die. He gets his wish and then gets staked. Dark stuff, Joss.
  5. Jonathan Levinson
    A huge nerd in high school, not only does he have to fend off human bullies, but he always seems to be a pawn, getting kidnapped by evil creatures and caught in the crossfire of Buffy's battles with the supernatural. After attempting suicide, he goes on to join the evil Trio, witnesses his friend Warren getting skinned alive, and right when he has achieved redemption and gotten over all his past pain and hurt, his best friend Andrew stabs and kills him. Yeesh.