Don't even bother if your script doesn't include one or more of these
  1. A morally questionable white male protagonist who slowly spirals out of control
  2. A charismatic, psychopathic villain who just wants to watch the world burn
  3. A quirky, adorkable hero whose crazy antics are endearing as opposed to psych ward worthy
  4. A prostitute/drug dealer/stripper with a heart of gold
  5. A smartass who plays by his own rules (must be male) despite the objections of people trained in his field
  6. Good looking people who quip at each other sarcastically in lieu of normal person boring conversation
  7. Tough as nails female better than all the males in her field but still underestimated
  8. Criminal who decides/is forced to use his genius abilities for good
  9. Workaholic who just needed someone to love after all (can be a significant other, child, parent, sibling, etc)
  10. One (1) best friend who is less attractive and charming than protagonist (can be funnier) and whose life revolves around helping said protagonist achieve his/her goals
  11. Mob boss
    Media just sells better when the mob is involved
  12. Conflicted, gritty version of a comic book character