In honor of upcoming Father's Day, here is a list of things that remind me of my dad and what an awesome guy he is.
  1. The Godfather
    This is by far his favorite movie, and every time I watch it, I remember all of his commentary, from pointing out how Sonny ruined everything by expressing his true opinion to a non family member to how sturdy Michael's hand was when lighting the cigarette.
  2. Well produced music from the '60s, mostly The Beatles and The Beach Boys
    I'm pretty sure I knew the entire Beach Boys repertoire before the age of 4. I also can't go a Sunday morning now without listening to Breakfast with The Beatles.
  3. Any really good jazz music
    My dad loves jazz more than anyone I know. I remember the days of sitting in his car listening to super fast jazz music, looking ridiculous as we tried to snap on the off beats.
  4. Random old movies we've seen a million and a half times together
    These movies include How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, Melody Time, Silly Symphonies, Citizen Kane, and White Christmas.
  5. Tennis
    My dad loves playing and watching tennis. I unfortunately stopped playing years ago, but catching a match of Nadal vs. Djokovic on TV always reminds me of him.
  6. Music by Dvorak
    Great Russian composer. If classical music ever came on in the car with my dad, chances are it was Dvorak. I've come to appreciate a composer I most likely would not have known of had it not been for my dad.
  7. Silly dancing
    If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you've never silly danced. It's literally dancing around the house for no reason and doing over the top ridiculous moves. My dad and I have mastered the art of the silly dance.
  8. Meditation and mindfulness
    My dad loves reading about and studying meditation. He advocates awareness and presence in the moment, and being mindful of not just yourself but the world around you.
  9. Non-fiction books
    If it's historical and about a president or The Civil War, chances are my dad will enjoy it. Whenever I see a book like this, I always think of him.
  10. Antique stores
    He's a nostalgic guy himself and has a deep appreciation for history and old things. I've visited many an antique store with my dad when I was younger, and now they make me nostalgic for that time with him.