I don't mean to offend anyone who actually has one of these diseases... I'm just a huge hypochondriac and always think I'm probably dying.
  1. Appendicitis
    This turned out to be an ovarian cyst one time, so my paranoia wasn't completely unfounded. I still think I have this though every time I get a normal stomachache.
  2. Diabetes
    Type 1 or Type 2... Considering the amount of sugar I eat, I'm in constant fear of Type 2 (even though no, I have not cut down on the sugar and eat ice cream for dinner a lot of the time).
  3. Meningitis
    A migraine = this deadly disease, right?? I need to go to the hospital.
  4. Hypothyroidism
    I'm exhausted all the time! And I'm gaining weight, which I'm sure has nothing to do with diet or sitting at a desk all day! Every time I read the symptoms for this, it seems more and more like I have it.
  5. Leukemia
    This one is horrible, but I'd be lying if I said bruises and very normal fatigue doesn't really freak me out. I'm very lucky I don't have this, but again, always looking it up just in case.
  6. Pretty much every single STD
    I've been tested, been told I'm clean, and I'm still never 100% convinced. Are you sure my discharge is normal, doc?
  7. Ovarian cancer
    I actually do have a mild form of polycystic ovarian syndrome (sounds way worse than it is), but as I mentioned before, if I have pains in my ovaries and/or irregular periods, it's because of PCOS. I'm still convinced it's cancer for some reason.