A whale of a book
  1. This title is a lie. I never fucking finished it.
  2. Let's call it aspirational, shall we?
  3. Truly, this has been haunting me for years. I love classic books, and Moby Dick is supposed to be the best!
  4. If you've finished it, is all the whaling crap worth wading through?
  5. I genuinely like the characters and the story, you know, when Melville doesn't start classifying different types of sperm whales.
  6. Isn't the term "bosom buddies" hilarious?
  7. Finishing this book feels as if I'm chasing an impossible to catch whale.
  8. I suppose in a sense I AM Ahab.
  9. Does giving up make me a bad reader?
  10. I shall defeat you one day, you beast!
  11. I feel like this may have been Herman Melville's intention the whole time when he wrote the book. #symbolism
  12. I searched online for a doctor character in Moby Dick just so I could use this title.