They're obviously all here for #therightreason. Side note: I haven't watched last night's episode yet.
  1. Ashley I.
    Sure she's a little crazy, but she is also hilarious. I feel like I'd want to be friends with her (judge me all you want). I really want this to happen for her.
  2. Carly
    Carly keeps it real like no other contestant. She can be bitchy but in a relatable way. She's one of the ones closer to love than the others, so I was squirming when Kirk started expressing doubts.
  3. Juelia
    Juelia makes me sad. Please someone wife that girl and help rear her child. She seems great, though I want to buy her a better lipstick color.
  4. Ashley S.
    Ashley S. I love you and your insanity. Dan sucks. I bet he doesn't like onion/pomegranate hybrids either.
  5. Jade
    Jade and Tanner are adorable. I want these two to get married and have cute little chestnut haired children.
  6. Claire
    Oh Claire. Claire, Claire, Claire. Every time I start to root for you, you go off on everyone with some crazy rant about finding love. Someone get her on Hinge or something.
  7. Tenley
    Meh. Why are you still on this show?
  8. Samantha
    I used to think she was an intern on Chris's season just filling in a needed spot. I'm kind of indifferent.
  9. Megan
    There is no way you are as dumb as the evil Bachelor producers are cutting the show. I'm reserving judgement for now.